Shadow Art

Use a flashlight to see shapes!



Shadow Art

What you need:

  • flashlight 
  • big piece of white paper 
  • construction paper 
  • tape 
  • pencils 
  • crayons 

What to do:

  1. Help your child cut different shapes out of construction paper (circles, stars, hearts, diamonds, triangles, and so forth). Tape the big piece of paper to the wall.
  2. Shine the flashlight on the white paper while your child holds up a shape. Then, invite her to trace the shadow on the paper. (If she needs help, prop the flashlight on a chair or stack of books to free up your hands.)
  3. Ask your child how she can make the shadow bigger or smaller. Try it and see what works.
  4. Encourage your child to use her hands to create "puppets" and animals to trace as well. Take turns making shadows and tracing them.
  5. Take down the paper and invite your child to color in the shapes that she traced.

Adapted from Let's Find Out magazine

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