Rockin' Diorama

These easy projects begin with ordinary stones and end with unforeseen treasures.

By Robin Smith



Rockin' Diorama

What you need:

  • rocks and stones of all shapes, sizes, and colors
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • markers
  • cotton
  • white glue
  • water
  • shoebox

What to do:

  1. Clean and dry your collection of rocks.
  2. Pick a theme — the forest, the ocean, or the arctic — and paint your rocks to look like people, animals, or plants you might find there. 
  3. Paint a background in your box and arrange your creatures.
  4. To affix your creatures to the box, dip cotton in a mixture of glue and water and then arrange your rocks on top. Or you can use a low-temperature glue gun.

Have some rocks left over? Try another crafty project:

  • Make sculptures combined with recycled materials.
  • Create a Zen garden.
  • Personalize it: Paint your name or picture on it.
  • Name your rock, give it a mini home, and keep it as a pet.
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