Remember When . . .

Document family history with a home-made scrapbook.



Remember When . . .

What you need:

  • collected mementos
  • paper
  • writing materials
  • hole punch
  • ring binder

What to do:

  1. Invite your child to create a book about his memories. Together, look through photographs and mementos, such as postcards, greeting cards, vacation souvenirs, ticket stubs, and other items that your child connects with the special people in his life.
  2. As you look through the items, talk about why they are meaningful: "This is a program from your big sister's dance recital." "Here is your grandmother's favorite recipe."
  3. Your child can also draw pictures or find photos in magazines that remind him of family activities. ("I like this picture of the beach because it reminds me of where Uncle Bob lives.")
  4. When you and your child are ready to assemble your family scrapbook, punch holes in the paper and put the pages in a ring binder. He can continue adding to his family scrapbook over time, and decorate the outside of the binder too.
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