The Real Me

Draw and compare two self-portraits.



What you need: 

  • pencils with erasers 
  • paper 
  • mirror 
  • crayons or colored pencils 

What to do:

1. Invite your child to draw a self-portrait without a mirror.

2. Next, let your child use a mirror as she draws her self-portrait. Ask her to pay close attention to what she sees.

3. Here are some helpful hints and questions for your child: 

  •    What shape is your face? What shape is your chin? 
  •    How close together are your eyes? Are they in the middle of your head or near the top? 
  •    How close is your mouth to your nose? 
  •    Where do your ears appear in relation to your mouth, eyes, and nose?

4. After your child finishes, compare the two portraits. Is she surprised at the differences between them?

Learning Benefits:

  • develops observation skills 
  • provides practice in comparing and contrasting 
  • supports drawing skills
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