Puzzling Pieces

Challenge your child with simple homemade puzzles.



Puzzling Pieces

What you need:

  • Colorful cereal boxes 
  • Scissors 
  • Small plastic baggies 
  • Contact paper (optional) 
  • Family photos or photos from magazines (optional) 
  • Shoebox or other cardboard (optional) 
  • Glue (optional) 

What to do:

  1. Cut the front and back panels off of a large cereal box. 
  2. Cut the panels into three, four, or five pieces to make a puzzle. Store the pieces for each puzzle in their own plastic bag.
  3. Invite your child to put together the puzzle!
  4. You can also use family photos or pictures of familiar objects (such as animals or vehicles) to make puzzles. Glue the pictures onto cardboard. Once the glue has dried, cut out the puzzle pieces.
  5. Cover the pieces with contact paper to help them last longer.
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