Portable "Best of" Binder

Make a traveling exhibition of your most prized works.



Portable "Best of" Binder

What you need:

  • three-ring binder
  • plastic sheet protectors
  • sequins, craft foam, glitter, beads, pipe cleaners, and other craft materials
  • glue

What to do:

  1. With your child, discuss the subjects he learns in school. Explore what he likes about reading, writing, math, social studies, science, art, and music.
  2. Make special plastic sleeves that will frame the best examples of his schoolwork. Design subject-specific frames that will highlight what makes each subject enjoyable. Decorate the sheet protectors with sequins, craft foam, and other craft materials. Make sure to specify what subject the frame is celebrating (Best of Math Class, Best of Art Class). Don't forget to decorate the cover of the notebook, too!
  3. Whenever your child brings home a noteworthy test, quiz, report, drawing, or other paper, have him put it into the binder. You can collect many in one sleeve, or make a separate frame for every paper.
  4. Periodically take time to look over the binder and admire the hard work that went into both the schoolwork and the frame that surrounds it.
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