Picture This Pattern

Patterns are everywhere on this special frame make one with your child.



Picture This Pattern

What you need:

  • Several pre-cut picture mats or small cardboard, wooden, or plastic picture frames 
  • Glue 
  • Craft stick or glue brush 
  • Small cup to hold glue 
  • A variety of tri-color and plain pasta shapes (wheels, shells, elbows, and so on) 
  • Several small plastic containers, bowls, or plates for sorting 
  • Washable tempera paint 

What to do:

  1. Provide your child with enough small containers or plates to sort each of the pasta shapes. Have him sort all the different shapes and colors and then count how many different kinds of pasta shapes he has. =
  2. Choose a few different pasta shapes and create a pattern (for instance, wheel, shell, wheel, macaroni). Ask your child to repeat this pattern. Make another simple pattern. Ask your child to continue the pattern by choosing the pasta shape that would come next. Encourage your child to create a pattern for you to complete or copy.
  3. Show your child the picture frames. Explain that he can use the different pasta shapes to create patterns on them. As your child glues the pasta shapes on the frames, help him by describing the patterns he creates.
  4. Your child may want to paint his pasta picture frame. Let him be as creative as he likes. Use completed picture frames for family photographs, favorite drawings, or as gifts for special people in his life.
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