My Portfolio

Keep those precious works of art safe.
By Risa Young
Nov 06, 2012



My Portfolio

Nov 06, 2012

What you need:

  • two pieces of cardboard or poster board (11" x 17") 
  • colored tape or duct tape 
  • yarn 
  • washable markers and/or crayons 
  • stickers 

What to do:

  1. Help your child tape together the longest sides of two pieces of cardboard or poster board to create a seam that will allow both sides to open (like a large folder). 
  2. Place tape on the outside and inside of the seam. (You can buy colored tape to match the poster board or use duct tape.)
  3. Fold the board together. Using markers and/or crayons, your child can decorate the outer sides of her portfolio. She can use stickers as well. Help her write her name on one side of the portfolio. 
  4. Cut two 6-inch pieces of yarn or ribbon, which you'll use to tie the portfolio together. Your child can help you tape the ends of the yarn inside each side of the portfolio. Add a few pieces of tape to secure it firmly. Having a portfolio of her own will make your child feel grown up and quite special.


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