My House

Explore the concepts of shelter and family life with this building activity.



My House

What you need:

  • Storybooks about homes and buildings 
  • Large index cards 
  • Pen, pencil, or crayon 
  • Building materials such as blocks or Legos 
  • Props such as small dolls, animals, furniture, and vehicles 
  • Art materials such as fabric scraps, paper, scissors, markers, and tape

What to do: 
1. Read some stories about the different kinds of homes and structures people inhabit. Try Wake Up City and Goodnight Country, both by Susan Verlander.

2. Invite your child to think about her own home — what does it look like? How many people live there? Using large index cards, ask her to fill in these blanks (she can dictate her answers to you):

  • In my home we have ____________.
  • In my home we love to ____________.
  • In my home we eat ____________.
  • In my home we speak ____________.
  • In my home we celebrate ____________.

3. Encourage your child to create a replica of her home. Provide building materials, props, and art materials, such as the ones suggested above. Talk about what she has made, and photograph her work. 

Learning benefits:

  • Encourages creativity 
  • Teaches vocabulary 
  • Supports fine-motor skills
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