My Favorite Martian

Make an out-of-this-world friend!
By Megan Pflug



My Favorite Martian

What you need:

  • two pairs of colorful tights
  • polyfill stuffing
  • yarn needle
  • cotton yarn
  • buttons, felt scraps, plastic dowels, and so on, for decoration

What to do:

  1. Cut off the feet on the tights and stuff one foot with polyfill for the head. 
  2. Turn the footless tights inside out and tie off the open ends with knots. Turn them right side out, and stuff to make the arms.
  3. With a large yarn needle and matching cotton yarn, attach the open end of the head between the arms of your Martian. 
  4. Stuff the second pair of tights to make legs and sew it to the upper body. 
  5. Decorate your new friend. We gave our Martian an antenna using plastic dowels covered with the remaining foot piece.
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