Hands and Feet Together

Multiply the fun when your baby paints with a friend.



Hands and Feet Together

What you need:

  • newspaper or plastic garbage bags 
  • large sheet of butcher paper or posterboard 
  • washable paints in containers large enough to dip hands and feet in 

What to do:

  1. Cover the floor with newspaper or tape down a cut-open garbage bag (this also works well as an outside activity). Set out butcher paper and paints. Invite the children to make a mural with prints of their hands and feet. Demonstrate by putting your own hands in the paint and making a handprint on the paper. 
  2. Encourage little ones to take turns pressing their hands and feet on the paper. What kind of patterns can they make if they put their hands or feet together?
  3. When they're finished, ask them if they can identify their own hand- and footprints on the mural.


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