Fun With Wrapping Paper

Captivate your child with the sights and sounds of these crinkly activities.



What you need:

  • pieces of wrapping paper 

What to do: 

  1. Crinkle and crunch Help your infant be a sound detective! Crinkle a piece of wrapping paper out of her line of vision on one side of her body. Then make the sound on her other side. Now, crunch the paper over her head or behind her back. If she's listening carefully, she may laugh or look surprised. She may look toward the sound, turn her head, or reach for the paper. 
  2. Wrap book Cut out pieces of wrapping paper with clear, colorful pictures of objects that your infant recognizes, such as teddy bears, balls, or bibs. Glue the pictures onto index cards and cover them with clear contact paper. Punch two holes near the left edge of the cards, thread yarn through them, and tie a bow to hold the cards together. Cuddle your infant in your lap while you read your new book. Have fun turning the pages and identifying the objects together a favorite baby activity! 
  3. Touch and hear Show your infant a sheet of wrapping paper that contains various pictures of things that make sounds. When she touches an item, name it ("dog") and make an appropriate sound ("woof"). Your baby will think this cause-and-effect game is great fun.
  4. Treasure box Select wrapping paper with interesting pictures, and tape it around a box lid that's easy to remove. Place an object, such as a small pillow or set of bells, in the box. Encourage your baby to play "peek-a-boo" by lifting the lid to see what's under it. Your baby will enjoy anticipating the surprise under the lid. 
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