Family Faces Mobile

Delight your baby with this mobile of familiar faces.



What you need:

  • photos of family members 
  • clear contact paper 
  • string or yarn 
  • coat hanger 
  • hole punch 

What to do:

  1. Select photos of family members. You might also want to include photos of familiar caregivers.
  2. The photos should be close-ups, so faces are clearly visible, but family members should be wearing different clothing in the photos or have different facial expressions. This will help your baby recognize familiar people in different contexts.
  3. Cover the photos with contact paper, and punch a hole at the top.
  4. Use yarn or string to tie the photos from a coat hanger.
  5. Display the mobile where the faces are visible to your baby, but where the photos are out of reach.
  6. Talk about the faces in the mobile to your baby — name the people and talk about what they are wearing and how they look (e.g., happy, sad).
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