Expressive T-Shirts

Kids will love creating these Jackson Pollock-inspired fashion statements.

By Megan Pflug



Expressive T-Shirts

What you need:

  • cotton t-shirt
  • fabric or acrylic paints
  • squeezable bottles

What to do:

  1. Fill squeezable bottles with a colorful variety of paints.
  2. Invite your child to decide if she wants her design on the front or the back of the shirt. Lay out the t-shirt accordingly on top of a large piece of plastic, or an old sheet.
  3. Encourage your child to get his whole body into the act of squirting, dripping, and dropping paint across his "t-shirt canvas."
  4. Let the paint dry according to directions, and invite your child to wear the t-shirt all around town!
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