Custom Calendar

Teach your child about time while creating a perfect gift for Grandma.
By Risa Young



What you need: 

  • 12-month calendar 
  • 12" x 18" oak tag paper 
  • clear contact paper 
  • markers 
  • crayons 
  • stickers 

What to do:

  1. Talk about time, such as days of the week and months of the year, with your child. 
  2. Photocopy the pages of a calendar or use a computer program to print out a complete 12-month calendar. 
  3. Staple each month to the bottom portion of a piece of oak tag, leaving the top half blank for your child's drawings. 
  4. Invite your child to decorate the calendar. She can add special stickers to mark important dates, such as birthdays. When she is finished, she can give it to a grandparent, relative, friend, or neighbor. 
  5. Cover the drawings with clear contact paper. Use a hole puncher to make a hole in the top center of each page, so that they can be hung up and admired all month long. 
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