Creative Development: Ages 0-2

Learn 5 ways your child develops creative-thinking skills.



As your child scribbles with crayons, makes collages with buttons and feathers, and builds with all kinds of blocks, she develops ideas about the world and communicates her thoughts and feelings. As she grows, she thinks creatively and expresses her ideas and feelings visually. Here are some ways her creative skill set develops:

  1. Notice characteristics such as light and dark, colors, shapes, movement, textures, and patterns.
  2. Use all of his senses — and feelings — to interpret the world around him.
  3. Communicate through postures, gestures, facial expressions, cries, and other sounds, and — after the first year — in words and phrases.
  4. Explore new things and be drawn to materials and objects with bright colors and interesting textures.
  5. See things in his own way — a combination of what’s there and his own interpretation.
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