Create a Special Book for Their Special Moments

Capturing memories and milestones is easy with a simple scrapbook.



Create a Special Book for Their Special Moments

What you need: 

  • construction paper
  • decorating supplies of your choice (markers, crayons, glitter)
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hole puncher
  • ribbon or yarn
  • photos of your child 

What to do:

1.     Create content for the book.

o    At the beginning and end of the year, interview your child. Ask about their favorite colors, foods, games, friends, etc.

o    Every month, do some sort of creative writing. Ask them questions like “Who are you thankful for?” “What would you do if a dinosaur came to live with you?”

o    Write down their responses, and have them illustrate their answers.

o    Help your child to write a poem about himself. It could be as simple as an acrostic:


After school

Makes me happy

2.     Gather photos of your child taken throughout the year.

Other activities from school could be added as well (i.e., stories, pictures, self-portraits, handprints, etc.).

3.     Punch three holes in each page that you create.

4.     Put ribbon or yarn through each hole to bind the book together, and help your child create the cover.

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