Color Creations

Make a vivid impression with distinctive cloths.



Color Creations

What you need:

  • old or inexpensive napkins or handkerchiefs
  • string 
  • various colors of food dye 
  • bowls

What to do:

  1. Invite your child to make colorful wall hangings for a friend or relative by tie-dying cloth. First, choose a technique: tying napkins in knots or tying string around the material in a few different places (or do a combination of both techniques).
  2. Cover your work area with an old cloth or newspaper. Pour various colors of dye into separate bowls. Have your child dip each cloth in a few colors.
  3. When the cloths have dried, untie and/or unknot the cloths and see colors! Talk about how the hues mixed and made interesting designs.
  4. REMEMBER: Food dye can be difficult to wash off skin. You might also want to cover your child's hands with gloves.

Learning Benefits:

  • color recognition 
  • science skills 
  • cause and effect
Following Directions
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