Clubhouse Canvas

Drape this no-sew cloth over a box to create a cool playhouse.



Fun in the tent

What you need:

  • tablecloth or large sheet of fabric
  • chalk
  • Magna-Tac fabric glue
  • ribbon or fabric scraps
  • pinking shears

What to do:

  1. Trace opening for door and windows onto cloth with fabric chalk. Draw a second outline 2 inches in from the desired opening.
  2. Trace an X shape from corner to corner within each opening. Cut along the "X lines" first, then along the 2-inch lines all around the opening outlines to allow for a hem.
  3. Discard the cloth scraps and with fabric glue such as Magna Tac, glue the 2-inch hems on the "inside" of the house.
  4. Use ribbon to create windowpanes and affix with glue. Using other scrap fabric, cut out and glue on flower boxes, a mailbox, or a flag.
  5. Throw the cloth over a card table or box for an instant clubhouse.
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