Circle Art

Compose a canvas of rainbow-colored circles to create a work of modern art.

By Robin Smith




What you need:

  • various objects for tracing circles, such as paper cups, spools, film canisters, old records, bowls, yogurt containers
  • tempera paints
  • paint brushes
  • 12" x 18" paper

What to do:

  1. Display all the round objects on the table and talk about which object will make the largest and smallest circle prints.
  2. Show your child how to dip the mouth of the cups in tempera paint to make an outline of a circle and print on the paper. Model how to use the paintbrush to cover the whole object for a solid circle.
  3. Encourage your child to make different-sized circles all over her paper. Colors and circles can overlap.
  4. Allow to dry. Display the work for all to enjoy.
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