Bottle Up

Games are more fun when kids make the gear themselves.



Bottle Up

What you need:

  • different-size plastic bottles (rinsed well)
  • colored electrical tape (to cover rough edges)

What to do:

  1. Jug Catch: Cut an opening in two or more jug-size bottles. Invite your child to color and decorate the jugs. Using a small ball or badminton birdie, the jugs now become catchers. Your child can play jug catch by himself (flipping the ball or birdie up and catching it) or with one or more friends.
  2. Mini-Miniature Golf: By cutting the fronts or bottoms off various-size bottles, you and your child can create your own miniature golf course. He can use a liter bottle as his "club." Older children — who might have played a round at a miniature golf course — can have fun setting up a somewhat more complicated course — setting the bottle (golf hole) on a block and building a small ramp for the ball to travel up, for instance, or making a block obstacle course.
  3. Bottle Bowling: Turn your bottles into pins and have your child take a turn at knocking them down.

Learning Benefits:

  • supports fine- and large-motor development
  • provides practice with early math skills
  • develops art skills
  • encourages imagination
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