7 Ways to Encourage Creative Expression

Nurture your kids with gentle support and your participation in their activities.



  1. Be your child's biggest fan. Encourage and praise him for being an individual. 
  2. Don't judge. Make sure your child feels comfortable and unrestrained when she is exploring her talents. 
  3. Go through the motions. When you are reading together, use gestures and movement to act out the story. 
  4. Use props. Keeping funny or interesting objects on hand can bring out the performer in your child. 
  5. Sound it out. Find and make sound effects in a book the two of you are reading. 
  6. Let loose. Put on the radio or your child's favorite CD and dance like crazy. 
  7. Get in on the action. Be goofy and spontaneous to show your child that expressing yourself is fun!
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