5 Ways to Raise an Art Lover

There are many ways you can build art interest and appreciation at home.



5 Ways to Raise an Art Lover

Schools may not offer your child an art program, but there are many ways you can build art interest and appreciation at home: 

  1. Talk about art. Your enthusiasm will be contagious, whether you're discussing a painting at a local museum or a family quilt you are making. Tour your town's architecture, too, comparing structures and decorations.
  2. Make art supplies available. Offering your child an array of materials — including paints, scraps of fabric, clay, and natural materials — and a comfortable space to work in will stimulate his interest and teach him that art is important.
  3. Encourage creativity. Prompt your child to color "outside the lines." Be accepting and enthusiastic about her work, asking her questions and pointing out unique details.
  4. Stimulate interest. Visit local museums and cultural centers. Enroll your child in a youth art program and attend art fairs together. Before your visit, discuss what you're about to see. Find things that relate to something he already likes, such as paintings or sculptures of favorite animals, foods, or hobbies.
  5. Support art education in your community. If art is not a part of the school curriculum, discuss implementing a program, perhaps even after-school, or suggest field-trips, participation in national art programs, or opportunities to display children's art throughout the community.

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