Minecraft Books for Upper Elementary Readers

Your child will build their reading skills as they engage with these reads about the world's bestselling video game.
Oct 19, 2021



Minecraft Books for Upper Elementary Readers

Oct 19, 2021

Minecraft is the bestselling video game of all time, but your kids don't have to be on a screen to enjoy it. Engaging your kids in something they already love — like Minecraft! — through books is a great way to turn even reluctant readers into avid readers.

These popular Minecraft books build upon what your child experiences in the games. They can also keep their top-secret game strategies in the Minecraft Diary, which conveniently comes with a lock and key! You'll also discover bestselling books based on PopularMMOs, one of the most-watched channels on YouTube that's based on Minecraft. 

For instance, your child can grow their problem-solving and teamwork skills by reading The Ultimate Builder's Guide in Minecraft. Fans will read about all of the important aspects of Minecraft, like mining resources and crafting buildings, and directly apply what they learn to the screen. Perfecting a skill (like building extravagant structures on Minecraft) teaches children how to persevere and accomplish challenging tasks. 

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