Find Your Child's Core Nature

When you know your child down to the core, you are strategically empowered to help guide him through his childhood.



Find Your Child's Core Nature

When you know your child down to the core, you are empowered to help guide him through his childhood more organically. You can tailor your discipline style, the school you choose for him, learning methods used, the caregiver you hire, and if and when to schedule his activities, among so much more. In short, you can "nurture the nature" of your child.

Start a journal (in writing, on your computer, anywhere convenient) and divide it into the following sections. Then ask the questions listed next to each, plus more that may come to mind. You can ask others for their observations as well. Do it for at least a month, and be sure to record your child's interactions with you and others.

  • Genetics. What are five traits my child has definitely inherited from me or his other parent? (You can ask the other parent as well.)
  • Emotional style. Does my child talk a lot about feelings or process them silently?
  • Personality. Is she shy around new people and in new places? Or more comfortable?
  • Temperament. Is he frequently aggressive? Or more laid back?
  • Learning style. Does he like to focus on completing a task before moving on to something new or seem to enjoy being in the middle of a variety of tasks?
  • Gender difference. Does my child really care about winning, or does he or she seem to just enjoy playing?
  • Possible trauma. Has my child hit his head in a significant way? Has a divorce or loss of a grandparent or other relative affected him profoundly?
  • Other areas to note about your child are innate talents, strengths, and weaknesses.
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