Wooden Spoon Puppets

Turn old kitchen utensils into a perfect playtime toy.
Feb 13, 2017



Feb 13, 2017

Spoon Dudes 

Rummage though  your utensil drawer to create these fun critters. Let your imagniation run wild with the decoration and the stories your child will create after. 

cooking spoon
nontoxic paint
tacky glue and glitter glue
googly eyes
feathers and feather yarn

1. PAINT spoon as you wish. We painted ours one color, let it dry, and added stripes. Allow to dry. 

2. GLUE on feathers or pieces of yarn for the hair using tacky glue. Affix the goggly eyes, also using tacky glue. Finally, add details (mouth, eyelashes, etc), using glitter glue. Allow to dry. 


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