Thanksgiving Craft to Do With Kids: Turkey Wreath

Kids can welcome Thanksgiving guests with this simple and colorful wreath craft.

By Kelly Ladd Sanchez
Nov 07, 2013



Nov 07, 2013

Materials you will need:

  • Turkey template (download here)
  • Scissors
  • Red, yellow, orange, black, light brown, and white stiff felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Floral ring
  • Light-colored yarn


For the turkey:

1. Using these templates, cut out turkey shapes (body, feathers, eyes, beak, feet) from the stiff felt.

2. Glue the feathers together, layering them from largest to smallest. Set aside to dry.

3. Glue the turkey body details (eyes, beak, feet) on the turkey body, then glue the body in the center of the small feathers. Let dry.

For the wreath:

1. Wrap a floral foam circle with the yarn, completely covering the foam. Tuck any yarn end pieces under the yarn in the back of the wreath.

2. Hot glue the turkey to the bottom of the wreath. Let dry.

3. Cut out diamond shapes using different-colored felt. Place the diamond shapes on the yarn-covered circle so they are evenly spaced. Hot glue them in place and let dry.

4. Wrap a piece of yarn around the wreath, crossing over the diamond shapes in one direction, and then the other. You should have a crisscross pattern over each diamond shape. Glue the ends of the yarn to the back of the wreath.


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