Spooktacular Halloween Snacks for Kids

Treat your brood of little goblins to these ghoulish Halloween treats. They're perfect for a creepy classroom bash and devilishly easy!
By Erica Clark



Spooktacular Halloween Snacks for Kids

Eerie eyeballs
Top powdered doughnuts with green gummy Lifesavers and a brown M&M “pupil.”

Boneyard brownies

Bake a batch of brownies using your favorite recipe. Then, once they’ve cooled completely, cut out animal shapes with cookie cutters. Use white icing to draw a skeleton on each.

Ogre toes

Dunk Milano cookies in light-green candy melts heated in a microwave-safe bowl. Top with a spearmint gummy candy leaf. Pop in the freezer until hardened.

Monster molars

Place salted corn nuts in a resealable bag and add a few drops of green food coloring. Close the bag and shake to distribute color. Transfer to cellophane treat bags (Nycake.com, $5 for 100); staple closed, then add our label.

Visit Scholastic.com/monstermolars to print our creepy template. Attach with double-sided tape.

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