Photography Games for Kids

Photography empowers kids by giving them new ways to express themselves.

By Melody Warnick
Apr 14, 2014



Little photographer

Apr 14, 2014

Handing your child a camera offers him an amazing tool for sharing the way he views the world — which can be a big confidence booster while verbal skills are still developing. Encourage him to get clicking with tips from Janet Pliszka, the founder of

Organize a Scavenger Hunt
Give your kid a list of shot types to capture — numbers (one dog, two chairs), emotions, or letters (think an apple for A). The goal: to help her discover new ways of seeing things.

Shoot a Toy Story
Have your child arrange a scene with his playthings — a Lego policeman chasing a bad guy, say — in such a way that you can guess what’s going on from his photo. Focusing on communicating the action to you helps boost his storytelling skills.

Teach Composition
Pros frame shots by putting the most interesting object a third of the way into the photo (either on the top, bottom, left, or right). Training your kid to take this approach will teach her to zero in on key details — while also working in a lesson in fractions.

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