Mounted Reindeer Head Craft

Make Rudolph & Co. part of your holiday decor with this adorable Christmas craft.

By Amanda Kingloff
Nov 03, 2014



Mounted Reindeer Head Craft

Nov 03, 2014

How to assemble your herd
Get started with a cereal box and some sticks from the backyard!

1. Print out one or three of our templates below.

2. Adhere two reindeer templates to printed sides of a cereal box with a glue stick. Cut out. Adhere blue mount template to regular cardboard with a glue stick. Cut out.

3. Crease top tabs of reindeer along dashed lines. Then glue one tab on top of the other. Punch two holes in the middle of glued tab, about ½" apart.

4. Crease necks of both reindeer templates along dashed lines. With tacky glue, adhere the folded panels to your mount.

5. Insert antler-shaped sticks into the punched holes, securing with tacky glue if needed.

6. Add black buttons as eyes. Pinch and glue two sides together at nose. Then top nose with a felt ball. You can also thread a jingle bell on string and hang around the neck!

Felt balls (available at make the perfect reindeer noses!


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