Make Any Car Trip Go Faster

See our list of apps and counting games guaranteed to turn your kids into road scholars.




No need to hear a constant chorus of “How much longer?” with these sure-to please apps and old-style math games.

Roadtrip Bingo

With this digital bingo board, kids tap images of common items they see while traveling (clouds, trees, police cars) and learn to focus on the landscape around them. iTunes, $1. Ages 3 and up.

No tablet? No problem — get a hands-on dry-erase-board version. On-the-Go Activity Board,, $9. Ages 5 to 8.

Stack the Countries/Stack the States

A fun, competitive way to learn more about the world’s countries — or the United States. iTunes, $1. Ages 7 and up.

Count the Cows

Players keep a running tally of the cows (or sheep or red cars) they see on their side of the car. Pass a cemetery and the player on that side of the car loses all their cows and has to start over. Make the game more fun by trying to distract other players so they miss cows and by allowing 50 bonus points for unusual sights. 

Road Sign Math

Ask kids to add up or subtract the numbers they spot on road signs, route signs, billboards, or license plates. Keep it easy for little ones; bump it up for kids who can keep double or triple digits in their heads.


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