Learn About Little Free Libraries

Discover how to build your own free lending library for your community.
By Rachael Taaffe



Learn About Little Free Libraries

Tiny lending libraries built by the community? Yes, please! To find one, check out the Little Free Library Map of the World. Want to build your own? Here’s how:

  1. Register. For $35, the Little Free Library (LFL) organization will send you info on getting started along with an official charter sign.
  2. Build or buy the book box. Boxes start at $175 on littlefreelibrary.org; you can register at the same time for free. If you want to build one yourself, use whatever materials you like — recycled wood, old mailboxes. Most people use plywood and Plexiglas. Find tons of great tips, resources, and samples online as well.
  3. Choose books to donate. Ask your neighbors or your local library to pitch in. Don’t forget about kids’ books!
  4. Install your library. The website includes instructions for mounting. If you’re hoping to set up somewhere other than your property, check on permits. You can also ask your child’s principal about getting the school involved. Building a series of book boxes could be a great project for students!

Check out some of our favorite Little Free Libraries!

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