Kid's Halloween Costume: Frankenstein

With a cardboard box and few craft items, you can make this freaky Frankenstein Halloween costume!

By Kelly Ladd Sanchez
Sep 27, 2013



Sep 27, 2013

Craft supplies you’ll need:

  • Cardboard box (no larger than 11” x 12” x 9”)
  • One toilet paper roll
  • Two tissue boxes
  • Duct tape: black, green, and purple
  • Craft paint: black, green, and silver
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors, knife, or box cutter
  • Paintbrush
  • Hot-glue gun

Clothing you’ll need:

  • Shop thrift stores for child-size black suit (or black pants and jacket) and purple shirt. 
  • Cut and rip pants to create zigzag, ragged edges to pant legs. Make patches with green and purple duct tape and attach with safety pins to jacket and pants.
  • Shred purple shirt and layer with green T-shirt underneath.  Add striped socks and sneakers.

For the head:

1. Paint cardboard box green with black pointed hair across on top.

2. Cut square from side of box big enough for your child’s face to be seen on one side of the box. If box is too large, tape crumpled brown paper bag(s) inside top and sides of box to adjust and stabilize size.

3. Paint toilet paper roll silver, and cut in half. Hot glue one to each side of the box.

For the shoe covers:

Wrap two tissue boxes with purple duct tape.

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