It's Daughter's Day!

Create a day that's just for you two with 10 memory-making ideas.

By Christina Vercelletto



It's Daughter's Day!

Never heard of Daughter’s Day? OK, it may not be nationally recognized, but that's not the point! We’ve got a bunch of ways you can celebrate your favorite girl (or girls!) — personalize them as you see fit. Have fun!

1. Start the day with a surprise
Wake her with breakfast in bed, announcing that you’d nearly forgotten that June 28 (or whatever day it happens to be) is Daughter’s Day! Steal a page from the Mother’s Day playbook: Include a bud vase with one bloom, a construction-paper card, and a handmade gift (maybe a photo of you two on a simply decorated cardboard frame) on the tray.

2. Go outside and play
It may sound like a little thing. But think about all the times she might have asked, and you said “Maybe later.” She’ll be thrilled if you suggest it. Play lawn bowling with small cardboard boxes (like cereal or tissue) and a small ball. Play “trust walk,” when you take turns being blindfolded, spun around, led somewhere, and then guessing where you are. Play hopscotch. Pick up an inexpensive metal detector and head to the beach or park to hunt for loot. Blow bubbles.

3. Go for coffee
You do it with your girlfriends, so why not your best girl? Head to a cute coffee shop and treat her to a fancy decaf iced tea, smoothie, lemonade, or hot chocolate. Dish about the latest happenings at school.

4. Have an indoor picnic
Set it up in her room, picnic basket, blanket, and all. But first: Get the other guests ready. What other guests? Her dolls and stuffies, of course. Clean them, fluff them, dress them, and style their hair.

5. Eat fresh
Head to a local farmer’s or outdoor market. Just stroll the stalls, deciding together which goodies you should bring home. Try to find things that neither of you is used to eating. Whether it’s rhubarb, tomatillos, a Crenshaw melon, or homemade beach plum jam, it’ll be a (healthy) adventure trying out new treats.

6. Give it a spin
Many pottery stores hold make-your-own workshops. Research and sign up for one in advance. Then you can spend a few hours crafting vases, bowls, or mugs as mementos of your day.

7. Visit the library
No, not just to take out a book, though you can do that, too. Sign up for a class that you and your daughter can take to learn something new together. You’ll need to sign up in advance, but will likely have little trouble finding one that sounds fun. Most libraries offer plenty, like yoga, cake decorating, jewelry making, flower arranging, crocheting, or knitting. This is a perfect idea if money is tight. Programs are either free or cost only a small materials fee (usually less than $5).   

8. Do lunch
A fancy restaurant is nice, sure. But you can have a meal just as special for a lot less money at home. Treat your daughter like a guest you really want to impress. Set the table with your good tablecloth, china, and silverware. Let her drink sparkling cider from the crystal glasses. Put out a fresh flower centerpiece. And get dressed up! Finger sandwiches never tasted so good.

9. Cue the culture
Investigate local theater and ballet programs. Many towns have community theaters that put on great family-friendly shows. Even high-school performances can be surprisingly professional. It’s an out-of-the-ordinary experience for a low ticket price. And you never know: You could wind up with a budding thespian on your hands.

10. Tuck her in to dream of future fun
As the day ends, present her with a final gift: a booklet of coupons to cash in later. The prizes can vary from treats to promises of time together. We made it easy for you: Download our printable versions here, including “blanks” for you to customize for your sweetie!

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