Holiday Craft: Make Gift Wrapping Paper

Designer Todd Oldham shares a creative way to wrap gifts: Help your kids make homemade gift wrapping paper!
By Todd Oldham



Holiday Craft: Make Gift Wrapping Paper

Pick up a few rolls of white and/or natural craft paper and have the kids create their own designs!

Produce Prints: Cut an apple or pear in half. Holding a fork stuck in the skin side (optional), dip into paint. Use like a rubber stamp.

Easy Stripes: Draw at least three straight lines on your paper with a ruler. Cover each line with a strip of Washi tape. Add more lines as desired.
Finger Prints: Press fingers onto a stamp pad, then onto paper. Repeat, working inky prints into circles, stripes, flowers, or an abstract design.
Bubble Press: Cut a sheet of bubble wrap to the size of your paper. Brush or roll paint onto bubble wrap, bubble side up. Turn over onto paper; press down.
Great Buy: Create-Your-Own Wrapping Paper Kit
Stamps. Ink. Paper. Done! Kid Made Modern, Target stores, $15.
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