Felt Craft: Checker Board

Get in the game with this plush take on the classic checker board with DIY pom-poms.
By Ashley Page Norton
Jan 29, 2015




Jan 29, 2015

What to do:

1. Cut felt into an 8 ¼-inch square. Mark a ¼-inch border using a chalk pen. Then, starting at the inner border, draw seven horizontal lines 1 inch apart.

2. Cut along the lines to make slits, being sure to leave a ¼-inch border.

3. Cut a second color of felt into an 8-inch square. Cut the square into eight 1-inch strips.

4. Weave strips in and out of slits to make a checkerboard pattern. Secure ends with craft glue.

5. Wrap about 72 inches of yarn around two fingers to form a fat bundle. Remove the bundle from your fingers and tie a knot tightly around it all.

6. Cut open the loops and trim and fluff into pom-poms. Repeat the process to make 16 pom-poms in two different colors (8 of each).

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Photo Credit: Aaron Dyer

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