Family Vacations with Grandparents

Taking a vacation together can be an amazing opportunity for all three generations of your family to bond, no matter how far apart you live.

By Rainer Jenss



Family Vacations with Grandparents

Here are the details on three inspired trips that will make for one big, happy family adventure:

Rent a House Together
No matter what region of the country you’re visiting, if the main goal of your trip is letting Gram and Papa spend low-key time with your kids, renting a multi-bedroom home is the way to do it. It’s usually cheaper than getting two hotel rooms — and you’ll save on food, says Erin Gifford, founder of

Take a Train Trip
A train ride is cool enough, but when you tell your kid he gets to sleep in a bunk bed and eat in a dining car and do it all with his grandparents, you’re guaranteed to hear squeals for days.

Try Out a Ranch
The combo of fresh air, active days, and Old West atmosphere appeals to preschoolers and baby boomers alike. In addition to Western-style horeseback riding, your family can likely enjoy hiking, fishing, bird-watching, roasting weenies, and taking covered-wagon rides, depending on the property. But the real beauty of living the ranch life is that kids get to see their grandparents in a new light. (They’ll never forget the sight of Nana shooting clay pigeons.) Bonus: Many ranches embrace the all-inclusive approach, which means fewer opportunities for “We’ve got the check!” battles.

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