5 Tips for Easing Into Bedtime

You can take the struggle out of getting your little one under the covers every night with these suggestions.
Jan 04, 2019



5 Tips for Easing Into Bedtime

Jan 04, 2019

1. Slow down.  An unhurried, tranquil environment helps kids become calm. Ease the transition into night with quiet stories and relaxing activities.

2. Develop a routine.  Children are more likely to cooperate when they follow a familiar sequence of events every evening and know what to expect.

3. Stick to a time.  Regardless of the night of the week or time of the year, do your best to keep bedtime consistent. 

4. Create a chart. Help your kids make a chart showing bedtime steps (bathing, brushing teeth, etc.), and let them check off each as they go. Award them a star sticker at the end of the week.

5. Give choices.  Children want to assert their independence. Let your child choose between two pairs of pajamas or among three books she’d like you to read before bed..

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