Bingo! The Perfect Mother-Daughter Date Planner

Our cute craft idea helps you organize just-for-the-two-of-you activity ideas and encourages you to finally do them!

By Jessica Hester



Bingo! The Perfect Mother-Daughter Date Planner

Tween girls love the phrase, “You only live once,” or “YOLO!” Maybe the phrase conjures thoughts of tropical vacations or budget-busting sprees. But there’s more to “YOLO” than snorkeling or skydiving: Embrace the mantra with a slew of mom-and-daughter adventures that emphasize your special relationship right in your own town.

To get started, set aside some time to brainstorm some activities you’d both love to do together. Bond over an afternoon of pampering (hello, manicures!), or have a heart-to-heart during a peaceful nature walk. Maybe your local dance company offers reduced-rate student tickets, or a community center hosts a fun, frilly afternoon tea. Keep an eye on bulletin boards at libraries and coffee shops, and page through your local paper to learn about upcoming events. And be sure to think back on those times you vowed to give a new hobby a shot — if you could just find one free hour. It’s the ideal opportunity for the two of you to learn something new together, so stop in and try that beginners’ yoga class, or dive into a novel that’s been gathering dust on your nightstand. A mom/daughter book club can lead to some great conversations!

Once you’ve made a list of dream dates, plug them into to customize a bingo card displaying all of your ideas. Print out the grid on 8 ½” x 11” cardstock, and cover each item with a strip of removable paper tape. (Find a huge selection of Japanese washi tape in fun patterns at Whenever you’re in the mood for a mom/daughter outing, peel off a piece of a tape at random to reveal what’s in store. Have fun!

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