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Feb 06, 2013

The four categories below and the selection menu above the bookshelf will help you navigate the list and pinpoint titles that fit your child's age range and interests/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images [Skip to our age groups/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images]


1/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images Nonfiction/Informational Books
Traditional nonfiction; historic documents; early concept books focused on topics such as shapes, colors, numbers, the alphabet, and more

2/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images Fiction 

  •  Fantasy & Science Fiction: Stories that contain magic; imaginary technology; paranormal beings; and/or talking animals in the human world
  • Realistic Fiction: Characters, plots, and settings based in the known world, on events that could happen
  • Animal Characters Narratives that feature talking animals and are usually (though not exclusively) aimed at younger readers
  • Traditional Tales & Poetry: Folk and fairy tales, fables, myths, nursery rhymes, or songs; poetry

3/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images Award-Winners

While most of our books have won an award of some sort, we chose to focus on these prestigious national awards: Newbery Medal or Honor; Caldecott Medal or Honor; National Book Award or Honor; Coretta Scott King Award or Honor; Pura Belpré Award or Honor; Robert F/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images Silbert Informational Book Award or Honor; NCTE Orbis Pictus Award or Honor for Outstanding Nonfiction; Notable Books of the English Language Arts; Theodore Seuss Geisel Award; ALA Notable Books; ALA Best/Top 10 Best Books for Young Adults/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images 


4/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images Our Superlatives

Some books wow you with their stunning illustrations, some with their page-turning action, and still others with the lush, vivid worlds they paint for our imaginations/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images As we built the 100 Greatest Books for Kids list, we felt compelled to tell you about the books that wowed us/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images There are ten such books/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images To honor them, we awarded a superlative badge for each that you'll discover as the list is revealed/content/dam/parents/migrated-assets/articles/body-text-images


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