How to Celebrate Earth Day for Kids

Use these fun activities to give back to the Earth together.

Apr 12, 2024



Apr 12, 2024

Earth Day is a great time to reflect on all the ways that our planet takes care of us and what we can do to better preserve its resources for future generations. From the soil that nourishes the food we eat to the water and air that give us life, we have so much to thank Mother Earth for. Earth Day is a good opportunity to get in touch with nature and give back in ways that benefit the natural world and all of its inhabitants. 

You can start teaching your child about the importance of caring for our planet at any age — the earlier, the better! Kids learn best when they see others modeling positive behaviors around them. Family outings to your local park (or even a national park) will help your child learn how to appreciate the wonders of the great outdoors and why it is so important to preserve it. 

Celebrate Earth Day for kids with fun activities that raise awareness for environmental issues — like climate change and plastic pollution, among others — to instill a love for Mother Earth in your little ones. 

Check out these easy Earth Day projects for kids of all ages to enjoy while exploring and conserving our beautiful planet.   

1. Be More Car-Free 

Walking or biking to school (or to any family outing) will teach your child about reducing emissions and minimizing their carbon footprint. Your child will not only get fresh air and exercise, but they will also do their part to make a difference to combat climate change.

2. Make an Animal Feeder or House 

This sweet Earth Day craft provides shelter to a myriad of tiny animals that visit your window or backyard, like birds and squirrels. To make an animal shelter or a bird feeder, reuse a milk carton, a large water or soda bottle, popsicle sticks, or any other eco-friendly art supplies and let your child’s creativity go wild! 

3. Create Recycling Bins 

Recycling is a great way to give used materials another life and reduce waste. Designate a bin for recyclable items, like paper, plastic, and metals and glass. Cut out pictures of plastic bottles, paper, and aluminum cans and glue them to the bins to make them easy to identify. Get the kids involved in sorting everyday items into each recycling bin together! 

4. Make Positive Promises 

Encourage your child to fill a journal with goals for how your family can lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Decorate it with photographs, poems, and pictures. Use old magazines to add pops of color or even create collages. Make a pledge to do a few small things each day to make the environment — and the world at large — a healthier place, like finding an effective way to reuse materials, conserve energy, and more. 

5. Grow Something

This hands-on Earth Day activity is great for teaching children about earth science. Reuse old paper egg cartons, a clay pot, or even a shoe box to plant a seedling, their favorite flowers, or even a small spice or vegetable garden. Depending on what you grow together, you may be able to use it in your cooking to show your child how we rely on the environment to nourish us.  

6. Spread the Love

Celebrating and conserving our planet doesn’t have to just be an annual event. Join larger community efforts and Earth Day events that include cleaning up trash from neighborhood streets and common areas, planting trees, and recycling. Use recycled materials to help spread the word — nature will thank you! 

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