4 Word Games for Kids

Spelling? Check. Rhyming? Check. These literacy-boosting games have these skills covered and more.
By Elizabeth Callahan




Do a DIY I Spy Put that collection of action figures and other toys to work by creating an I Spy puzzle together. Pile a bunch on a tabletop, take a photo, and print it out. Write a rhyming riddle, just like in the I Spy books. For tips, visit Scholastic.com/ispy/games, where you can also find finished puzzles and riddles.

Is It Real or Fake? Listen up! Make a list of real words that sound like they might be made up — like “onomatopoeia” or “cacophonous” — and a list of words you make up that sound real. Can your kids guess which are which? Let them make up words of their own . . . and come up with their own definitions for them, too. 

Rotten Tomatoes Everyone’s a critic: Ask your kids to name their five favorite movies. Assign stars to rank them (one to five). Together, talk about each film’s strengths and weaknesses — what does each need more of? Less of? Share the movie reviews with friends and family. Hones critical thinking skills!

Stop, Hop, and Spell Now that your kids know their ABCs, write all 26 letters of the alphabet in chalk on your driveway in a tight grid. Call out simple words and have them hop from letter to letter to spell them out. They can land in spaces between letters to bridge the gaps. They earn one point per letter of each word that they spell correctly. For a silly challenge, try backward spelling!

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Source: 101 Offline Activities You Can Do With Your Child by Steve and Ruth Bennett

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