4 Ways to Strengthen Your Neighborhood Community

Bonding with your neighbors instills an appreciation for the power of community in children and adults.

By Nicole Hoff




Begin a potluck dinner tradition. Invite a few nearby families to commit to a gathering once a week with dinner in hand. Take turns hosting. The host family can choose the week’s food theme and a game to play. Organize the evening on SignUpGenius.com

Create a clean team. If your block could use a little sprucing up, try planning a cleanup day. Joining with your neighbors to take care of shared space, like sidewalks, teaches responsibility and establishes friendships. 

Start a community garden. Check out CommunityGarden.org for resources, information, and tips to help get you going. Ask neighboring families to join in from the start, and ask them to sign up for specific duties as you begin to build a magical space for connecting and learning together.

Form a welcoming commitee. Part of building a community is recognizing that it is constantly changing. Welcome newcomers in simple and meaningful ways. Start by knocking on their door to introduce yourself. Then invite them to your potluck dinner!

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