4 Ways to Get Your Child Moving

Fight obesity and bust boredom by going outside to play, move, and groove!




  1. Create an action station. Make it easy for you and your child to get going whenever the mood strikes. Keep equipment accessible and neatly stored. Add hooks and mesh bags near your door to store balls, jump ropes, cones (to set up a backyard obstacle course), and other sports equipment. Or use a large hamper as storage in your hall closet.
  2. Use child-sized equipment. All skill development sports gear (balls, bats, and racquets) should be child-sized. Studies with kindergarten children have shown that playing catch with an oversized ball (or large balloon) resulted in significantly better performance than with smaller balls.
  3. Skip the stroller. Minimize the time that your young child is confined. If you're out and about in the neighborhood, have him walk as much as possible, and only use the stroller when he gets tired.
  4. Be an advocate for change. Push for increased physical education programs at school, as well as for safe playgrounds and community centers. Lobby for fresh, nutritionally rich, and higher-quality fast food.
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