10 Ways to Teach the Alphabet with Food

Turn your kitchen into a letter-learning lab: Try these delicious alphabet lessons to feed both your child's tummy and mind!



Turn your kitchen into a letter-learning lab: teach your children the ABCs by filling their tummies! Keep an alphabet chart handy for your child's reference -- a smart idea in the kitchen and anywhere else you're learning.

  1. "A" is for alphabet soup. Encourage your child to find the letters of his name in his soup. Applaud him when he does!
  2. "C" is for cookie-cutters. Use cookie cutters to shape sandwiches into letters. Encourage your child to come up with other creative uses for alphabet cookie cutters.
  3. "D" is for dessert. Personalize desserts by spelling out names using alphabet cereal or icing.
  4. "E" is for edible letters. Use pre-packaged pretzel dough to shape letters together — then bake and enjoy!
  5. "F" is for fruit. Use a basket full of fruit to tell a story. Take out each piece one at a time and add a new character or plot twist with every banana, orange, and pear's appearance.
  6. "G" is for groceries. Have your child draw his own grocery list, and add the first letter of each item next to his picture. Then ask him to help you find the groceries at the store.
  7. "P" is for pudding. Use pudding as finger paint. Give your child the go-ahead to get messy writing her letters!
  8. "S" is for spices. After labeling each section of your spice rack, help your child alphabetize and put away your spices.
  9. "T" is for toppings. Make a pizza with toppings your child can form into letters to spell out his (or your) name.
  10. "V" is for vegetables. Have fun making letters out of raw veggie sticks and other snacks...biting allowed.
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