Resources for Advanced Learners: Ages 11-13

If your 11- to 13-year-old is looking for a challenge, try these advanced books and activities.
By Michelle Anthony, PhD



Resources for Advanced Learners: Ages 11-13

Challenge your midschooler with these activities and resources:

  • Book guide for gifted kids: Some of My Best Friends Are Books: Guiding Gifted Readers from Pre-School to High School by Judith Wynn Halsted             
  • Mobile Mensa
  • Advanced Adlibs: Fill in the blanks of select New York Times articles and see how close you are to the real thing.


  • Virtual Urchin: Carry out experiments in fertilization and embryonic development on virtual urchins. Go on to develop understandings about larval development and metamorphosis, community ecology, pollution in the marine environment, and biological evolution.
  • Plus Magazine: Articles and activities from expert mathematicians and writers on topics such as art, medicine, cosmology, and sport. 
  • Got a budding game developer in your midst? Give Scratch or Gamestar Mechanic a try. 
  • Fantastic Contraption
  • Use architecture blocks to construct a building.
  • Molecules app: View and manipulate 3-D models of different molecules. Great for visual learners!


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