Choose Books at the Right Reading Levels

Books at the right reading levels make for more fun and less frustration.



"Just-right" books help your child find the right reading levels and make reading more fun. Have your children try the "five-finger test" to select a book at their reading levels:

  • Have your child choose a book she would like to read.
  • Then have your child look at a page in the middle.
  • Tell her to put one finger down for every word she can't read or doesn't understand. If she has five fingers down, she will need to try different reading levels.
  • If she has fewer than five fingers down, the book is "just right" and she can read it!

Your child may want to read a book that is "too hard" based on this test. That's okay. Just make it a book that you read aloud to her, or that you read together (perhaps alternating pages or chapters; or she reads, but you sit alongside to answer questions or help her with challenging words). This will help your child climb to more advanced reading levels!

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