5 Ways to Bond With Your Advanced Reader

Try these simple and rewarding strategies for building a relationship around books.



  1. Start a Parent-Child Book Club. What better way to connect than to be reading the same book at the same time? Set up a time for your discussion and try to find guides and activities to do together.
  2. Read as a Family. Set aside a "reading time" for your family where everyone turns off the TV and reads. It's also a great idea to let your child read to you. Have him read his favorite parts of a book to you and explain what he loves about the passage or chapter.
  3. Play With Words. Let your child show off her vocabulary with a game of Scrabble or Boggle. Or do word searches and crossword puzzles together.
  4. Select Books Together. Go to the library, bookstore, or online retailer with your child and pick out books. Challenge him to find a book you will like, and pick out an unusual book for him!
  5. Watch It. If a movie or TV show based on one of your child's favorite books comes out, enjoy watching it together. Afterwards, discuss how it was different from the book and if the actors fit the characters.
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