WordGirl's Word of the Week: Hilarious

Prepare to laugh while explaining WordGirl&s new word of the week.

By Brian Kraker
Jul 30, 2013



WordGirl's Word of the Week: Hilarious

Jul 30, 2013

Word of the Week: HILARIOUS

Definition: (Adjective) extremely funny and causing a lot of laughter

Your children have been laughing their entire lives. They probably had their first laugh when you tickled their feet or played a game of peek-a-boo. As they get older, your methods of entertainment become more sophisticated, with knock-knock jokes and maybe even some slapstick humor. Well, now it’s time to introduce your children to definition dynamo WordGirl’s ‘word of the week’: hilarious.

Ask your children what makes them laugh. Perhaps it is when they watch WordGirl fight villains like The Butcher, who butchers the English language and hurls meat at his enemies by saying things such as “Sausage Clone!” It could be when they see Captain Huggy Face break-dance at the end of each WordGirl episode. Or maybe they have a favorite book that always makes them chuckle. Find out what they find to be “hilarious”, and be  sure to try these fun learning activities below.

Activity 1: Write your own joke. Knock, knock! Who’s there? Boo! Boo who? Don’t cry! It’s me! I’m sure, by now, your children have heard all the cliché jokes in the book. So, why not get their creative juices flowing by asking them to write their own original jokes? You can stick to traditional formats, like knock-knock jokes, or try to write original punch lines. If your children need some help, try reading 101 Wacky Kids Jokes, by Jovial Bob Stine, for inspiration.

Activity 2: Read a hilarious book. Books can be a source of some great jokes. So, to teach your children all about their new vocabulary word, find a title that’s hilarious and read it aloud together. You can check out these book lists to find some fantastic reads by Mo Willems and Dav Pilkey. The books that still make me laugh no matter how old I get are those in the Captain Underpants series, written by the latter of these two authors. These hilarious books follow two elementary school students, George and Harold, as they accidentally turn their school principal into the greatest super hero on earth, Captain Underpants. Sit down to read these books with your children and you’ll have them laughing from beginning to end.

Activity 3: Watch a funny movie together. You should never need an excuse for a family movie night, but celebrating your word of the week is just a really good one. Find a movie the whole family can enjoy, pop the popcorn, gather up the whole crew, and watch your favorite family-comedy. Try to make sure the movie is appropriate for all ages -- the jokes shouldn’t go over the heads of your little ones, but your oldest child shouldn’t be bored, either. After the movie, talk about what made it enjoyable, and why you found the flick funny.

Check out the Parent Guide to WordGirl for printables, books, games, and more.

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