WordGirl's Word of the Week: Enthralled

Get ready to be enthralled during What&s Up With WordGirl& week!

By Brian Kraker
Aug 05, 2013



Aug 05, 2013

Word of the Week: Enthralled

Definition: (Verb) Capture the fascinated attention of

While you normally might not want your child enthralled with screens, you might want to make an exception this week. Scholastic’s definition dynamo, WordGirl, is an inspiring superhero who uses the power of words to fight crime and save her city every day! That is why we are so excited to announce this week is ‘What’s Up With WordGirl’ week – five days of premiere episodes of the super-spectacular EMMY award winning show on PBS KIDS! Viewers can watch as WordGirl takes on fan-favorite villains such as Dr. Two Brains, Mr. Big, Chuck The Evil Sandwich Making Guy, and many more. Not to mention, WordGirl will teach her fans four new words each day such as doppelganger, vigor, muffled, and waver.

WordGirl is a true inspiration to children (and adults!) as she shows viewers that being smart is powerful. So, don’t be worried if your child in enthralled by watching WordGirl use power punches and dictionary strength to defeat villains.

In addition to watching TV, there are many ways your child can be enthralled by an educational activity, book or game this week:

Activity 1: Read The Invention of Hugo Cabret. Help your children learn about their new Word of the Week with Brian Selznick’s captivating novel, The Invention of Hugo Cabret. This book follows the tale of Hugo, an orphan who lives in the walls of a Parisian train station and his survival depends on keeping secrets. However, The Invention of Hugo Cabret is no ordinary novel, as Selznick has included beautiful illustrations that enhance the reading experience and enthrall readers of all ages.

Activity 2: Attend a local theater production. Teach your children what it means to be enthralled by taking a family outing to a local play. Live theater is a captivating experience as you watch a story play out live, before your very eyes. Find a local production of a well-known play that’s also suitable for your children and reserve tickets now. Afterward, discuss with your children their favorite parts and what elements of the production enthralled them.

Activity 3: Write about what enthralls you. Give your children a Word of the Week themed writing prompt. Ask your children, “What enthralls or captivates you?” It can be anything from a favorite movie, a sporting event, or a beautiful painting. There is no wrong answer. Participate in the activity too and write about what enthralls you. When you’re all done, spend time watching your children’s favorite movie while you show them the painting you chose to write about.

Activity 4: Paint a picture to enthrall the whole family. If you have a little painter on your hands, encourage him to celebrate this week with a new piece of art work. Encourage your children to try something new. If your children typically sketch, encourage them to try painting a picture or create chalk artwork on the sidewalk. Challenge your children to produce the most creative piece of art they can to enthrall the rest of the family. Then, host a mini-art gallery where everyone can share their work.

Check out the Parent Guide to WordGirl for printables, books, games, and more.

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